August 2018 printable calendar template

Hey Guys! If you are searching August 2018 printable calendar then you are the right place. Here you will get awesome collection printable template of August. August which is presently the 8th month of the year according to the calendar named as Gregorian calendar as well as Julian calendar as you the month is very common very most of country like India as well as Pakistan and many more countries and independent and creates a great history that’s why there is celebration of independence in those countries which becomes independent on this month. Moreover, there is one history behind the name of the month of August as you know the name of this month is from taken from the name of king Augustus Caesar because he has become the emperor of the Rome kingdom after defeating of two kings named Antony and Cleopatra.

August 2018 calendar printable

so the Senate of Rome has decided to kept the name of this king on the 6th month of the calendar. At the time of origin of this month the august is the only consisting of 29 days but it is decided that august must be equal to the July months that’s why there is two more day is added as one from the month of February which was earlier 29 days but now it becomes the  month 28 days and one from September because September was 31 days of month but if the day will be increased then there are 31 days of three continuous month that is July, august, and September, so now only July and august is consisting of 30 days and another month like September has only consisted of 30 days.

August 2018 calendar

In August there is the celebration one of the largest as well as greatest festivals in India that is rakhi, Raksha Bandhan is the festival which shows the love as well as bonds of two hearts that is brother and sister. So, because of this reason, August becomes one of the favourite months for the most of the people. The flower of the beautiful month of August is gladiolus, the birthstone for this beautiful month is “peridot” which is green colour stone and is known as semi-precious stone and when we talk about the zodiac sign of the this month or the zodiac sign of the person who born in this month is Leo and Libra which has divided in two equal half and their date is also fixed for both the astrological sign.

August calendar 2018

Let’s discuss about the festivals which are generally or almost falls in this month, as you know there are two types of events that is moveable and non-moveable so, we will discuss both of them so you can get ready for the celebration so first lets learns some of the moveable events that is rakhsa bandhan, purnima, upwas and many  other festivals and the non-movable events are like on the 10th of august there is Missouri day, on the 15th august there is independence day in India and on 14th august there is independence day in Pakistan, on the 21st august there is admission day in Hawaii, on the 30th august there is victory day in turkey and  now some historical moments with their dates which held on this months are on the 1st august there is beginning of world war 1, on the 2nd august Iraq invades Kuwait, on the 6th august the country Jamaica becomes independent, on the 19 august king Augustus died.

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