July 2018 printable calendar template

Hi Guys! If you want to read about July 2018 Printable calendar then you are the right place. Here you will get a lot of collection of July templates that would help you to remind any date and days. July is the month which is always waited by the people of the northern hemisphere because there is very high temperature on this month on the northern side and because of high temperature there are holidays on the school and college and the offices for the long term that’s why it is one of the favourite seasons for most of the people because people can plan something like vacation on trip in these vacations which falls on the month of July. Yes, now you know that there is summer season in this northern hemisphere so you can get the idea that there must be winter season in the southern hemisphere, yes, you are true, in the southern hemisphere, there is winter season.

July 2018 calendar printable

The July is the month which comes just after the month of June and comes just before the month of August. The July month named is kept after the name of the king that is Julius Caesar and the July month is the just equal number of August because of the grandson of Julius Caesar i.e. august Caesar that’s why both months have the total number of 31 days. As you know this is the story of the Roman calendar, which has only 10 months in a year and July was the 5th month of the year according to this calendar but now with the changes of time and adding of different month the position or the rank is changed on the calendar and now the July becomes the 7th month in the calendar either you talk about the Julian calendar or Gregorian calendar.

July 2018 calendar

As you know there is the high temperature in this month in the northern hemisphere that’s why people always plan some events like annual fest or music fest on this season only so that people can enjoy and play well. This month has most beautiful flower and the name of the flower is lily which booms in the water and the smell and colour of the flowers loved by most people and ruby is the birthstone of this month which is almost pink or red blood colour gem which is known as very precious gem and cancer as well as Leo are the two zodiac sign of this month.

July calendar 2018

Now the festivals of this July month are like on the 1st of July there is independence day in Somalia, Burundi and Rwanda, republic day in Ghana also the doctors day in India, on the 2nd July there is independence day in the brazil, on the 4th July there is liberation day in Rwanda, on the 10th July there is silence day, on the 11th of July there is words population day, on the July 21 there is national day of Belgium, on the July 23 there is revolution day in Egypt, on the 24th July there is pioneer day in Utah, on the 27th July there is victoria day in north Korea, on 29th of July there is world hepatitis day.

Now the times come to know some of the historical moments of this month that is on the 1st July 1863 there is a war known as American civil war, on the 5th July Algeria becomes independent, on the 12th of July there is birthday of Julius Caesar, on the 21 July there is ending of the programme named as space shuttle.

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